Career highlights as a location sound recordist

I don't have a single showreel as for much of my best work I only have a link and not the file. Also as I am a production sound recordist I wasn't involved in post sound except for my own projects. To get a representative sample of my work I suggest dipping into any of the videos below. If you have time, watching the entire film will be even more rewarding!


That Phone Call

Entrant in the 2019 48 hour sci-fi film competition. It finished in second place overall.

In the near future people can experience targeted advertising in exchange for a loan, which is transmitted as an inner voice. What could possibly go wrong?!

Details to Follow

An entrant in the 2018 hour sci-fi film challenge, it finished in third place overall. A couple's night in watching TV is interrupted by a sudden announcement.

Time's Up

My second film as writer and director.

A short comedy about a couple who find themselves in a pub at the end of a terrible evening.


Comedy horror

During an annual Christmas office party, Office workers Stan, Peggy & Richard; three unlikely heroes, find themselves fighting for their lives when their building becomes overrun by a horde of sharped toothed Creatures hungry for human flesh . . . But these Creatures just picked the wrong party to crash.

Armed with only office supplies, the trio must work together if they’re going to survive. Who said those team-building weekends wouldn’t come in handy?

The Confessions of the Bat

Batman fan film

Built to Be

When A-level student Shray Vishad struggles to deal with the stress of caring for his ailing father while preparing for exams, he turns to marijuana to cope. However, Shray's new dependency threatens his relationship with his traditional Indian father, his friendship with his hard-working classmate Kim, and his chances of going to a prestigious university. Will an intervention by Mr Lynch, Shray's head of year, be enough to help Shray find the right path?


This story follows a racially ambiguous actor as he struggles to find his place in a stereotype driven industry. 


Short horror

A young woman awakes drugged and restrained in a strange house, but her captor may be more than he appears.

Minister in Training: Choir Quarrel

Michael must intervene as the Head choir director Tehila clashes with his protégée Excellence in a battle to lead worship on a special service

Minister in Training: It’s Allowed

Michael helps newly married couple John and Whitney to overcome their fear of sex

Waterloo Sunset

Short comedy

My first film as writer and co-director. A short comedy about a young couple on a date one evening on London's South Bank.

The Feel of Black

Short fantasy drama

In Retrospect

A young woman struggling to cope with the death of her fiancee is offered a new prescription drug designed to reconstruct memories and ease the pain of loss. However reality and reconstruction begin to clash forcing her to face a painful truth.
In Retrospect is a surreal science fiction short set in the near future exploring loss, alienation and the ethics of medicating against them.


Comedy webseries

Episode 3: Tumbleweave

Frustrated by Layla’s shedding hair, Aaron takes it upon himself to lay out his expectations for married life. Angered by his overall approach Layla takes it upon herself to grant Aaron the personal space he requires.

The Players

Three actors fall out back stage when their on and off stage relationships become confused during the run of a play on the London fringe.

Fool's Gold

A gloomy Essex beach is the site of this rapture gone-wrong. While a black sheep loses her flock, a lonely metal detectorist strikes gold.

Wi-fi Code

Comedy sketch

Tina and Tara head to an East London Tapas bar to get some work done. They come well prepared. All they want is some bread, water and the wifi code. Not too much to ask is it?

The Repair Job

Quirky comedy about two ethereal beings in a profound conversation that ends with a twist.


A short drama about chess and family relationships.

Positive Result

Short dystopian drama

Infected with a virus that re-animates corpses, William faces ostracism, prejudice, and abuse, and struggles to find a reason to keep on living. Positive Result is the first in a series of four short films exploring "zombie" infections in a social context.

Positive Action

Short dystopian drama

When a neighbour reports suspicions that the man next door has died, Jamie stumbles into a nightmare scenario.

Plague UK

A short horror film about the last two people alive after a deadly plague outbreak.

The Flytipper

Short comedy horror

Part Machine, Part Monster, ALL BASTARD!

‘The Flytipper’ is a gory tale of three men who, after illegally fly-tipping, encounter a rabid monster made of rubbish who will stop at nothing to hunt them down and take their lives in the most absurd ways possible.

Aristotle vs Brexit

Satirical comedy sketch on the theme of Brexit.


Period drama feature film

An impressionable Launceston Elliot comes under the spell of the iconic Sandow The Magnificent. He seeks out his idol and becomes his protégée.

Life on Broadway

Short comedy sci-fi, written and produced for the Catford Free Film Festival competition 2017, which it won.

At a Distance

Sci-fi short

What happens when you can see your life with another at a distance?

Nate's Mistake

Short comedy sketch